Parent’s Wish

For my child I wish:
That they seek their happiness not so much at the finish line, as in the running;

That they have the strength not to lift tremendous weights, but one fallen friend;
That they learn to fight their own battles with a never-ending string of temporary cease-fires;
Not that the occasion make them smile, but that their smile make the occasion;
That their bridges be built not over rivers, but over misunderstandings; that their wealth be not in their banks, but in their hearts;
That they gain power not over others, but over themselves;
That they never fail to leave the stage before their applause is done;
That they bow not to little people with big titles, but to big people with little titles;
That they keep strict account not of favors owed them, but to others; Not that they never know grief, but that they never know joy the moment after;
That their names be household words not throughout the land, but in their own households;
That their monuments be found in public parks, but in the lives of those they’ve touched.

By: Jerry Spinelli

Author of “Maniac Magee”