The philosophy of New Horizons is reflected in its name…and that is to broaden the horizons of children. Our goal is to provide a broad-based and balanced interrelated curriculum enhanced by an experienced staff who, in turn, give children a sensitive combination of nurturing stimulation and a foundation for learning. The teacher creates a non-competitive atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect so that each child may excel in areas of strength and receive help in developing new skills.

New Horizons strives for the child to have a positive self-image. Each child is a unique individual with specific needs and each grows and develops at a different rate. There is a trust in the child and a respect for each child’s diversity as to race, color and national origin.

In every phase of the program, each child’s sense of achievement and pride is fostered. The program is enhanced with the creative arts, music, language and physical fitness. Preparation in reading, writing and mathematical concepts is an on-going process in all classrooms. As students move through our school, the focus becomes more on the necessary skills that are needed in order for them to become life-long learners in all areas of the curriculum.

The physical facility of the school is colorful to stimulate curiosity and imagination as well as organized to encourage good work habits. Each classroom contains equipment specially geared to the size and age level of its students and challenges the child to reach out, explore and discover. The one-half acre outdoor playground allows the child not only to develop physical coordination but also offers endless opportunities for dramatic and creative play.

New Horizons believes that the total school experience must be shared with the family. Together, school and family can function as a team for the best interest of each and every child. Parents are encouraged to talk, visit, participate and advise us of their concerns and suggestions so that we can continue to provide a quality experience for their children.