Mission Statement

clearwater-palm-harbor-school-missionNew Horizons Country Day School, through a balanced program, strives to develop effective communicators, self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality producers, collaborative workers and community contributors. We do this by offering a warm, safe and familiar environment which promotes risk taking, exploration and experimentation. In support of a holistic philosophy, we used a balanced literature-based interdisciplinary program where learning is kept whole, purposeful, social and meaningful.

New Horizon Believes…

Education concerns the growth of the whole person. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor growth are all interrelated and each plays a vital role in the learning experiences of children. In creating a learning environment that is in harmony with the concept of educating the whole child, we:

  •  Work toward establishing a safe atmosphere that the child senses through the physical environment and experiences through personal interactions. There is freedom for children to converse, work together and move about.
  •  Strive for the child to have a positive self-image. Each child is a unique individual with specific needs. Each grows and develops at a different rate. There is a trust in the child and a respect for each child’s diversity as to race, color and national origin.
  •  Encourage a curriculum that is well balanced and child-oriented while integrating the content areas into authentic and meaningful learning experiences.
  •  View the teacher as a facilitator and a significant person in the life of the child. The teacher’s personal and professional growth in needs and responsibilities is recognized.