A Day in the Life: Exploring a Preschooler’s Schedule at New Horizons


A Day in the Life: Exploring a Preschooler’s Schedule at New Horizons

A Day in the Life Exploring a Preschooler's Schedule at New Horizons

As a parent or caregiver, you may have some idea about what your child is learning at school. But have you ever felt curious about what happens during a typical day in preschool at New Horizons?

At New Horizons, we offer high-quality preschool programs in a safe, nurturing environment. We work with families to provide the best care and education possible so that children can thrive in the early years and beyond. This article will explore what happens during a preschooler’s day and how to find an incredible preschool for the little learner in your life.

Reach out to the dedicated team of educators at New Horizon now to learn about our preschool programs or schedule a tour of our school. We would love to welcome your family to our community!

Exploring Preschool Curriculum

Many people imagine that preschool classrooms are loud and busy–and sometimes that is the case. However, our preschool programs actually follow a research-backed curriculum that meets the developmental needs of children in the preschool years.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of all children in our program and provides an excellent foundation of skills kids will need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

Our preschool curriculum is based on:

  • Spoken language skills, including expressive and receptive language
  • Print knowledge skills, including letter recognition and knowledge of letter sounds
  • Phonological knowledge, which involves the ability to manipulate word sounds
  • Basic mathematics, including number recognition, reasoning, and counting

Our play-based educational activities provide lots of hands-on, interactive learning that keeps kids active and engaged in what they’re learning. Our experienced, creative educators ensure that children develop the skills they’ll need to thrive in school.

What Happens During a Preschooler’s Day?

Preschool programs can vary quite a bit, but many aspects of a preschooler’s day are likely to be consistent among all preschools. Here is an example of a typical day in preschool.

1. Arrival

Children arrive at school and get ready for the day. This may include putting away personal belongings, eating breakfast, and joining the other students for the morning meeting or circle time.

2. Morning circle

Many preschoolers begin their day with circle time. During circle time, the teacher may use visual schedules, calendars, or charts to describe the date, weather, and daily activities.

Teachers often use morning circle time to check in with students about how they’re feeling or answer any questions about what will happen during the day. This time is essential because it gives children the opportunity to practice sharing in a small group and to connect with their friends and teachers.

3. Literacy learning

Many preschool curriculums have a strong focus on literacy and pre-reading skills. Preschool-aged children may not be able to read, but they can begin to learn what letters look and sound like. This foundation makes learning to read easier once they reach kindergarten and early elementary years.

Teachers may lead the children in activities that promote literacy and language skills. This may include reading books about letters, practicing letter recognition, making letter sounds, and more. Teachers at New Horizon provide many hands-on and interactive literacy activities, letting children learn through play and sensory engagement rather than drills and memorization.

4. Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning is at the heart of New Horizon’s preschool programs. Children with strong social skills who can regulate their emotions more effectively are often more successful in kindergarten and throughout school.

In a preschool program, teachers use play-based activities, stories, songs, and other developmentally appropriate activities to help children develop empathy and self-confidence and to help them recognize and identify emotions.

5. Outdoor play

Preschool-aged kids often have seemingly endless energy. They’re busy, active, and always ready to explore! Outdoor play is essential to a preschool program because it allows kids to develop gross motor skills, strength, and balance. It can also help them “get the wiggles out” and focus more easily throughout the day.

6. Lunch

Preschoolers get to practice eating in a group setting and develop better table manners while enjoying a nourishing, nutritionally balanced meal.

7. Math

At New Horizons, children explore basic math concepts by engaging in teacher-led, interactive activities. Children may sing songs that use basic counting and math skills, play simple games that use counting and number recognition, and enjoy other educational experiences that give them a solid foundation of math skills.

8. Dismissal

At the end of the day, children gather their belongings and prepare to go home. Often, teachers and children will develop a regular end-of-the-day routine to help transition from school to home.

Our preschool schedule and curriculum are created to meet the developmental needs of young children. Our educators use innovative approaches and time-tested activities to give our little learners the best, most enriching preschool experience.

Find a Preschool

If you’re curious about the New Horizons preschool schedule or want to learn more about our programs, get in touch with our incredible team of educators now. We’d love to set up a tour or answer your questions!

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