A Look Inside Your Child’s Day at a VPK in Palm Harbor


A Look Inside Your Child’s Day at a VPK in Palm Harbor

A Look Inside Your Child's Day at a VPK in Palm Harbor

Have you ever wondered what happens during a typical day at a VPK in Palm Harbor? At New Horizons Learning Center, we offer incredible VPK programs to prepare young kids for Kindergarten success. Our dedicated educators create engaging, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities throughout the day, giving kids many chances to learn and practice essential skills each day. You might be curious to know exactly what happens as we go about our day–and we’re eager to share!

In this article, we’ll explore what a day in our Palm Harbor VPK is like, from our classrooms to our curriculum and everything in between. Reach out to the New Horizons Learning Center team now to learn more or schedule a visit.

Our VPK Classroom in Palm Harbor

Our school provides a colorful, vibrant, and engaging environment for our little learners. Each classroom has appropriate seating, educational materials, and other equipment to meet the needs of the students in that program. The classroom environment encourages children to explore and be imaginative in their play and learning.

Outdoor play is essential in our VPK program. Children need to run, play, climb, and run to develop their balance, strength, and coordination. Our large outdoor play space was created to foster imagination, exploration, and creativity as they get their wiggles out.

Our VPK Curriculum

The main goal of a VPK program in Palm Harbor is to get children ready to be successful in Kindergarten. Our curriculum is based on solid research into child development, including how children learn best and the foundation they’ll need when they start Kindergarten. A VPK curriculum is based on:

  • Oral language skills, including receptive and expressive language.
  • Print knowledge skills, including being able to recognize letters and letter sounds
  • Phonological knowledge, meaning the awareness of and ability to manipulate word sounds
  • Mathematics, including counting, reasoning, and number recognition

At New Horizons, we offer play-based educational programs that keep children active and engaged in their learning. Research shows that high-quality preschool and VPK programs can give young children many of the skills they’ll need to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond, and that play-based education can give children essential social and emotional skills.

Our thoughtfully-created curriculum adapts to children’s changing needs over time, allowing educators to provide developmentally appropriate education at every stage.

A Day in VPK

Every VPK program will have its own daily schedule. Here is an example of a typical day in a VPK in Palm Harbor.

1. Arrival

Kids arrive at school and settle in for the day. This may include putting away their belongings and beginning morning activities, or children may eat breakfast at the beginning of the day.

2. Morning circle time

Classes gather together to talk about the daily schedule, including any changes to the regular routine. Teachers may use a visual schedule with pictures of the day’s activities and other visual aids like calendars and clocks.

Teachers may use morning meeting times to check in with children’s emotions, discuss the weather, or discuss what they’ll be working on throughout the day. It is an important time for children to connect with each other and their teachers and begin their busy day.

3. Literacy

Literacy is a primary focus in a VPK program. Children may engage in activities promoting language and literacy skills, including letter recognition, letter sounds, and phonological skills (recognizing and manipulating word sounds). Teachers lead children in activities focusing on early literacy skills using developmentally appropriate methods.

4. Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional education is at the core of a VPK program. Children learn about being an individual and part of a community. Teachers lead children in activities to develop empathy, recognize and name emotions, and build a foundation for emotional regulation that will serve them in school and throughout their lives.

5. Outdoor play

Outdoor play gives kids more than just a break from classroom learning and play. Exploring and playing outdoors builds a child’s physical and emotional resilience by letting them use their bodies and creativity. Research shows that children who play outdoors have better balance, strength, and coordination, as well as better emotional regulation and longer attention spans.

6. Lunch

Eating lunch provides good nutrition and lets kids learn how to eat in a group setting.

7. Math

Early math education in a VPK focuses on helping children recognize numbers, count, and develop reasoning and logic. Teachers may use songs, games, manipulatives, and other materials to promote these early math skills and keep children engaged in their learning.

8. Movement

Play is at the core of the New Horizons VPK program. Children play, sing, dance, and move as they learn. Movement is built into lessons to keep children engaged, but there may also be times when it is scheduled to help kids stay on track and focused throughout the day.

9. Dismissal

Children pack up their belongings, including any art projects or homework materials, and are dismissed to their caregivers. Teachers may develop a routine to help children transition from school to home at the end of each day.

These and other enriching activities make up the day at a VPK in Palm Harbor. Reach out to New Horizons to learn more about our daily schedule, curriculum, or facility.

Find a Palm Harbor VPK

If you are looking for a VPK in Palm Harbor, contact the dedicated team at New Horizons Learning Center now. Our high-quality VPK programs are designed to meet children where they are and grow as their needs change over time. Call today to learn more or to schedule a visit to our school.

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